How can we help you?
"Silver and Gold have I none but that which I have I give to you".  
What we can offer you is prayer.
Not just a simple "God bless so-and-so", but specific meaningful prayer.
If there is one thing we have learnt over the years, it is, prayer changes things.
In our 26 years as a married couple, we have often to rely on prayer for basic survival needs as well as huge financial needs for special projects (such as $15,000 to go on outreach). We know prayer works, otherwise we wouldn't be here.
So, we are not offering a glib "we'll pray for you". Let us know you specific needs and we will pray. Send us an E-mail with your prayer needs and we will be committed to pray for those needs. Together we will see God work miracles in your life.
Bless you, Kevin and Dianne