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This is probably my most important link. Whenever I get one of those "send this to all your friends" virus warnings I check out this page first. It is amazing how many of these are hoaxes. If you are curious about the validity of this site, Symantec are the people who make Norton anti virus software. This is also a good place to find out about real viruses.
I came across this company when all the popular AV software would not work. It seems that some viruses have the names of  popular anti-virus software written in to the program and they acctually block that software from working. These guys offere a very good and FREE anti-virus program with regular online updates. You just down load the program and it will do regular checks for you. I have used it for over a year now and it picks up everything.
Here is another great page about hoaxes and urban legends. Have you heard that the head of Procter and Gamble is a Satanist? What about Bill Gates offer to give everyone who reads this email $254? How about the fact that underarm deoderent gives you breast cancer? Well, they are all hoaxes. Check out this site. you will be surprised what people believe.
Interesting little discussion somebody wrote on how many people the earth can support.
This is the Website of my old school back in the 60's. Totally irrelevent to most of you
Contains heaps of christian literature online. It has complete books on the internet
The Aussie version of Yahoo. Helps find Aussie sites without chasing down the dead ends of sites that are only applicable to overseas.
WebMD is a great site to track down medical info. Just for a bit of fun, try doing a search on some obscure illness and see what you get